Civil Litigation and Trials

Corporations and other business entities are required by law to have an attorney represent them in court, except in small claims cases.  Individual persons, generally, are not required by law to have an attorney’s representation in court, but in reality an individual may need an attorney’s assistance to properly and effectively present their cases to a judge or a jury. 

Procedural rules and substantive laws must be satisfied, and the facts and laws must be properly and effectively presented to secure your rights and achieve your objectives.

Litigation can be expensive, time consuming, aggravating and uncertain, so settling cases is frequently desirable, in order to obtain an acceptable result and move on rather than to continue fighting in court. As an experienced mediator, as well as an experienced litigator, Stuart Reed can help you to present your case persuasively in court at the same time as he helps you to pursue a satisfactory settlement out of court.

Stuart Reed has handled litigated cases, including bench and jury trials, in matters ranging from personal injuries to foreclosures, contract disputes, defamation, family matters, probates, land use disputes, and other civil legal concerns.  While he primarily handles cases in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, Stuart Reed can handle cases throughout Florida and has also litigated cases in Hillsborough, Brevard, Alachua, Brevard, Manatee and Leon Counties.

If you have been sued and need legal representation to defend yourself, or if you need to file a lawsuit to enforce your rights and pursue your legal interests, Stuart Reed is available for a free initial consultation to evaluate the issues with you and determine what your next steps and best options may be.