Family Law

​​Family law cases can be emotionally difficult for people, and extremely complicated too.  Divorces and paternity cases frequently involve disputes about the people’s incomes and finances.  Different opinions about the best interests of children and other family members are often in conflict.  Experts might be needed on psychological, financial and other issues to determine the proper outcomes of family disputes.

Many family law attorneys try to help their clients resolve their disputes out of court through negotiations with the other people, their attorneys, and in mediation conferences, so that the clients may avoid the substantial expenses, time, anxiety and uncertainty of the legal process in court.  Attorneys, for example, may agree to use their best efforts to resolve family disputes collaboratively before legal actions are filed to obtain divorce or paternity judgments.

In many family cases, the parties are assisted to improve their communications, so that future issues can be resolved collaboratively and without unnecessary conflict.

When the other side refuses to cooperate and seeks to deny a client’s rights and legitimate interests, an attorney who is familiar with the applicable procedural rules and substantive laws, and is a skilled advocate, can help to safeguard their client’s legal rights in court.

Stuart Reed has been representing clients in family law matters since 1995, including divorces, paternity and child support cases, adoptions, pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements.  He also handles family-related matters such as probates, wills, and estates.  Contact Stuart Reed for a free initial consultation to evaluate your concerns and determine the best course of action to secure your legal rights and achieve your objectives.