Business Law

Stuart Reed is experienced in a wide variety of issues in business law, both in and out of court.  He has assisted people and businesses to prepare and review business contracts, employment agreements, to set up corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and other business entities, to prepare shareholder agreements, operating agreements and partnership agreements, and to protect and advance clients’ rights in court.

Many business disputes can be resolved through negotiations, out of court.  Stuart Reed draws on his training and experience as a mediator to assist clients to try to obtain the best resolutions out of court, when appropriate, through focused problem solving.

If you or your business seek to secure your rights under a contract or the law, to collect money owed, to respond to another party’s unreasonable demands, to resolve unpaid wage issues, to obtain permission from local, state or federal agencies to carry out your business plans, or to resolve a wide range of business concerns, Stuart Reed has the experience and skills to help you present your facts and best arguments to pursue the results you seek.  He is available for free initial consultations to evaluate the issues and to determine the most appropriate course of action to secure your legal rights and achieve your objectives.