Stuart Reed

Stuart Reed has practiced law in South Florida since 1994.  He is experienced in business law, family law, immigration law, property law, civil litigation and trials, landlord and tenant cases, securities litigation, and other areas.


Stuart Reed has been in private practice for more than 20 years.  His father, Allen Reed, a civil trial lawyer in Florida and New York since 1962, mentored him in a variety of civil legal matters, teaching him the "old school" ways to practice law and serve clients,  like being thorough, clear, helpful, ethical and civil at all times.


Stuart Reed earned his law degree at Florida State University College of law in 1992.  While in law school he received a Good Gulfstream Foundation Public Interest Scholarship for a land use and environmental law internship with 1000 Friends of Florida, he earned a book award in environmental law, and he worked as a legislative analyst for the Florida Senate's Committee on Natural Resources and Conservation.


Stuart Reed received his bachelor of arts degree at the University of Virginia in 1988, with major studies in environmental sciences.  Prior to his law studies, he worked for the Miami Dade County Department of Environmental Resources Management as a Pollution Control Inspector.  


​He has stayed active with environmental advocacy throughout his law practice, having chaired the Sierra Club Miami Group and the Miami Beach Marine Authority, and representing The Friends of the Oleta River.